Archon Fitness

Fitness Equipment Brand Shows Fitness in Action Through Dynamic Product Demos

Company Overview

Archon Fitness is on a mission to help customers build the best home gym. The exercise equipment store features an abundant selection of high-quality fitness equipment suitable for use at home, in the gym, and in other commercial settings.

Fitness advocate Don Sprouse started Archon Fitness with the idea of designing and manufacturing equipment that offers optimal quality, functionality, and affordability. He applied this principle to equipment that you can find both at home and in the gym. 

So, the brand maintains a legacy of designing quality machinery with customer needs in mind. These products are made for everyone — regardless of where they are on their unique fitness journey — and are made to improve overall health and wellness.

The brand stands by the principle, “Rule your body. Rule your mind.” This is why it offers the best-in-class cable machines, cages, stations, bars, bands, balls, benches, dumbbell plates, and accessories that inspire customers to be their best version.

The exercise equipment brand makes fitness even more accessible through personalized customer support, fast delivery, and product warranty. For this reason, it’s no longer surprising that the brand would invest in content that aligns with its values.

Video Solution

Passionate about you and your fitness goals.” Archon Fitness wanted to convey this in its video content to inspire customers to be the best versions of themselves at home and in the gym. So while the exercise equipment brand focuses on designing affordable, functional, and high-quality products for its customer base, it partnered with Courtland Creative for promotional videos showcasing its machinery.

Courtland Creative produced 19 videos for the exercise equipment brand. These include a “Who We Are” introductory video and 18 product demos for the following equipment: Slam balls, last pull low row, FIS bench, squat stands, single pulley cable station, half rack smith machine, EZ curl, wall mounted cable cross, power cage, wall mounted dual cable station, plyo box, commercial bench, sissy squat platform, post land mine, bumper plates, barbells, hex trap bar, and CSSP.

Every video conveys the same message — that the product featured is quality machinery designed with every customer’s needs in mind. And with them, Archon Fitness inches one step closer to the goal of inspiring people to focus on their health and wellness.

The promotional videos that Archon Fitness commissioned from Courtland Creative are a valuable addition to the brand’s content marketing strategies. Not only do they showcase the brand in a positive light. They also succeed in educating the target audience about what each fitness machine is for and how to use them.

The content produced by Courtland Creative is a success- so far, the videos have contributed to an increase in targeted leads and online sales.


“The videos look good! The filming was fun; everything looked and sounded great. We got exactly what we were looking for.”

Featured Videos

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