Eco-Conscious Company Showcases Its Products with Two Powerful Ecommerce Videos

Company Overview

EcoRoots is an eco-conscious beauty and personal care business founded in Aspen, Colorado with the purpose of raising awareness about single-use plastic consumption. Dedicated to making a change, the EcoRoots team makes products that reduce waste, uses 100% recyclable and compostable shipping, and is proud to be a 1% of the Planet company, donating 1% of their annual sales to organizations that promote environmental sustainability.

Video Solution

EcoRoots commissioned Courtland Creative to produce five videos to build awareness and increase conversion of some of their most popular products.

The first is a Product Reveal video featuring EcoRoots’ Safety Razor & Shaving Soap. This video highlights the unboxing experience customers can expect when purchasing the product, helping them visualize themselves as buyers and putting them into a ready-to-buy mindset.

The second video is a Social Proof video showcasing EcoRoots’ Rose Gold Safety Razor. Social proof is one of the most fundamental principles in marketing: When shoppers are uncertain whether or not to buy, they look to others for reviews and recommendations.

EcoRoots’s Social Proof Video allowed EcoRoots to leverage affordable talent to create the same authentic feel as an influencer testimonial, building an emotional connection with their audience and establishing credibility and trust in their brand.

Two Product Demo videos were developed to demonstrate EcoRoots’ Shampoo and Conditioner Bars as well as their Rose Gold Safety Razor.

These videos blend in-studio shots of our charismatic talent talking about these products as well as on-location shots of them using the products, helping the viewer gain an in-depth understanding of how they work. The result is a credibility boost for the EcoRoots brand and educated viewers who are ready to convert.

Finally, a Product Spotlight video features the brand’s Rose Gold Safety Razor. Utilizing a professional voiceover artist and a seamless combination of in-studio product footage and stock footage, this video makes the Gold Safety Razor look amazing and captures its key selling points.


“The videos from Courtland Creative helped us reach more people with engaging high-quality content. Our Facebook outbound CTR on Courtland Creative videos are above 1%, and the average view times is way higher when compared with user-generated videos.”

Featured Videos

Eco Roots | Shampoo and Conditioner Bars | Product Demo

Eco Roots | Rose Gold Safety Razor | Product Demo