Cookware Brand Explores the Joy of Cooking with Enticing Product Demo Videos

Company Overview

According to the cookware brand Segretto, the kitchen is not simply a room or space in a house. It is truly the heart of every home, gathering families to share sustenance, nourishment, joys- and moments.

The brand’s ethos centers around recreating that feeling of nostalgia and comfort of cooking at home. Whether it’s watching parents prepare sizzling pancakes on Sunday mornings, or grandma lifting out a piping hot casserole from the oven- or even toddlers smearing chocolate frosting on a lopsided cake- cooking is about sharing joy and love. And that’s why the right tools are so essential in the kitchen.

Segretto’s quality cookware products are almost like friends- helping you evolve with your cooking, letting you whip up delicious meals- and sharing all of this with loved ones. The product line includes bright, vibrant dutch ovens, skillets, saucepans, braiser pans, and more.

Video Solution

Segretto equates cooking with therapy, which is why the cookware brand has spent countless hours designing products that can be called worthwhile partners in one’s culinary journey. Each product is made with care and born out of love, and this is what Segretto wanted to convey in its product demos and full product commercials.

The brand wanted to showcase cookware that stands the test of time, in colors that can match vibrant personalities. It also wanted to convey the message that every moment spent in the kitchen is time and effort well spent.

Segretto commissioned Courtland Creative to visualize and create commercials and product demo videos highlighting the products and how they enhance everyday life. It wanted these videos to connect to various market segments.

So far, Courtland Creative has produced six one-minute videos for Segretto. Each video focuses on a different message — and all six videos are neatly tied together by the united tone and visuals that Segretto is known for.

The series includes one brand video introducing Segretto to viewers, one full product video for cookware care tips, and four full product commercials for cast iron skillets, saucepans, Dutch ovens, and braiser pans, respectively.

Every video reinforces the warm, inviting atmosphere of a kitchen. Each one ends with a reminder to “discover the joy of cooking” with the featured cookware. The combination of fresh visuals and a warm tone has successfully kept the target audiences engaged.

Segretto’s mission has always been “Discover the joy of cooking. Discover Segretto Cookware.” This is effectively conveyed in the full product commercials introducing the brand’s products to a broader audience.

Segretto used these assets to boost the visual aspect of its marketing efforts. Since then, they have seen a (%) increase in online sales.


“Thank you so much for these videos! The brand video is awesome! The lifestyle photos also look great.

We appreciate all the help!”

Featured Videos

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