eCommerce Videos

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Our Core eCommerce Video Offerings

Our product videos are designed to help your brand convert traffic into more sales. Having a video with catchy music, slow motion, and pretty faces is NOT what drives sales.

Videos scripted and based on market research for your consumers, videos optimized to grab attention, highlighting unique selling propositions, features and benefits are what generate more sales.

These videos follow our unique formula which mirrors the consumer buying funnel often implemented in paid advertising and online marketing.

Take your brand to the next level with a Courtland Creative eCommerce video.

Product Short Video

STARTS AT $449.99

(Most Affordable Option)

Bring your product to life and increase your sales with an engaging product video.

Product Reveal Video

STARTS AT $549.99

Highlight the unboxing experience and get your customers excited to buy with our Product Reveal Video.

Social Proof Video

STARTS AT $1149.99

Significantly increase conversion with a testimonial-style Social Proof Video.

Product Spotlight Video

STARTS AT $1,850

(Most Popular Option)

Highlight your product’s best features with our Product Spotlight Video.

Product Demonstration Video

STARTS AT $2,300

(Best Value Option)

Drive your sales through the roof with a verbal testimonial and visual demonstration of your product.

Full Product Commercial Video

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Drive web conversion with the gold standard of e-commerce videos