Product Demonstration Video

Starts at – $2,300

Drive your sales through the roof with a verbal testimonial and visual demonstration of your product

There’s nothing like testimonials to influence shoppers to buy. In a recent survey, 92% of marketing teams reported a lift in conversion as a result of using testimonial videos.

With a blend of in-studio shots of talent talking about your product, on-location shots of talent using it, and stock footage, the viewer gains an intimate understanding of your product from someone who has personally used it. The result is a sales machine that takes your conversion to new levels.

Our Product Demonstration Video:

Clearly demonstrates how your product works by someone who has used it

Helps potential customers visualize themselves using your product

Boosts your brand’s credibility with a first-hand testimonial from our authentic, magnetic talent

Takes testimonials to the next level with high-production-value content

What you get:

1 video with music delivered in Full HD 16:9 aspect ratio, ideal for standard platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, and more

Video length:

Up to 45 seconds — or if it doesn’t have to be Amazon-compliant — up to 1 ½ minutes, a perfect length to keep potential customers engaged and ensure they retain the information in your video

Turnaround time:

Depending on the talent and location booking, approximately 10 business days

Recommended Placements:

Perfect for brands who:

Are looking for an affordable alternative to influencer marketing

Want to add to their existing video assets

Are launching brand-new products

Are in need of video content for Amazon, social media, and retargeting ads

Are taking their brand look and feel to the next level

How it works:

We want you to start seeing results as soon as possible, so we’ve made our production process simple and fast.

To get started, your Courtland Creative Production Assistant will schedule a kick-off meeting at your convenience with our awesome creative team.

Once we’ve received your products and assets, we’ll produce your video and deliver your final file within 10 business days, depending on talent and location.

Our Product Demonstration Videos in the Wild

This could be your product.