Our Facilities

Show your customers how you are equipped to provide for their needs with an “Our Facilities” video
In this day and age, everybody knows that the best way to communicate with your customers is through video. Creating a video that displays how your facilities are uniquely equipped to handle your customers’ needs can go a long way in building the trust that all top businesses thrive on!

An “Our Facilities” video allows you to:

Create trust in your businesses
Display your unique ability to serve your customers’ demands
Highlight what separates your business’s facilities from your competitors
Create a positive expectation in your customers’ minds of what it would be like to use your business

When you purchase the Courtland Creative “Our Facilities” business video package, our professionals will work with you every step of the way, from scripting and storyboarding to filming and editing. Together we will create a compelling video that shows your customers exactly why you are best equipped to serve them!

The “Our Facilities” business video package shows customers how you are equipped to meet their needs, building trust and creating a positive image of your brand!

What you get:

     Total of 6 videos

1 primary video
1 alternate edit
4 optimized edits based on placement and use (FB ads, YT ads, FB story, etc.)

     Scripting and storyboarding for primary video up to 2 edits each

     Filming at up to 2 locations

     Up to 4 minutes of professional voice-over

     Up to 6 hours of on location filming

     Up to 40 hours of editing

     Up to 6 hours of logistical management and coordination

     (Optional) 3 hours of drone filming and/or professional photography

     (Optional) 4 hours of on-screen talent, (up to 4 actors, 1 hour each)

Video length: Up to 90 seconds per video. The video length can be optimized for performance on different platforms.
Turnaround time: Depending on the talent and location booking, approximately 10 business days.

Perfect for brands who:

• Could benefit by showing potential customers how they are better equipped to serve them than their competitors

• Run specialized or state-of-the-art facilities

• Are looking for marketing content for social media

How it works:

When you buy the “Our Facilities” package, you will be working with video pros to create a video that shows not only your facilities but also your business in the most positive light!

We will plan every step of the way with you to ensure that you end up with a video that satisfies both you and your potential customers. Once we are sure that we know what you are looking for, we will take care of everything, from scripting and storyboarding, to shooting, editing, voiceover, and more!