Our Staff

Show off your staff’s expertise and give your business a friendly face with the “Our Staff” business video package
If you’ve been looking for the best way to present your qualified staff to potential customers, a professional “Our Staff” video is the way to go!

An “Our Staff” video allows you to:

Provide your business with a friendly face
Present staff qualifications, expertise, and specializations
Reach out to your potential customers in a format that they are comfortable with
Give potential customers a positive vision of what working with you will be like
When you purchase the Courtland Creative “Our Staff” business video package, we will work with you every step of the way to create a professional, high-quality video that clearly communicates your staff’s qualifications and expertise. From scripting and story boarding, to shooting and editing, we will use your input to create a video that portrays your staff in the best possible light!

The “Our Staff” business video package increases trust and credibility, allowing potential customers to see exactly why your staff is equipped to handle their needs!

What you get:

     Total of 6 videos

1 primary video
1 alternate edit
4 optimized edits based on placement and use (FB ads, YT ads, FB story, etc.)

     Scripting and storyboarding for primary video up to 2 edits each

     Filming at up to 2 locations

     Up to 6 hours of on location filming

     Up to 60 hours of editing

     Up to 6 hours of logistical management and coordination

     (Optional) 4 hours of on-screen talent, (up to 4 actors, 1 hour each)

Video length: 2-3 minutes per edit. The video length can be optimized for performance on different platforms.
Turnaround time: Depending on the talent and location booking, approximately 10 business days.

Our “Our Staff” videos in the wild

These could be your videos.

Perfect for brands who:

• Are looking for a way to give their business a friendly face

• Work in specialized fields and have staff members with unique qualifications

• Need video content for their website or social media

• Looking for high production value content at a competitive price



How it works:

With the “Our Staff” business video package, we will work together with you and your staff to create a video that presents them and their abilities in the most positive light!

From scripting and storyboarding, to shooting, editing, and logistical coordination, our professionals will work with you to create a video that shows potential customers why your staff is best qualified to serve their needs. In the end you will have a professional video to display on your website or social media, bringing your brand to a wider audience!