Who We Are

Show your customers what makes your business unique with the “Who We Are” video package

If your business is struggling to find a way to communicate to your customers exactly what makes you different, our “Who We Are” business video package is exactly what you are looking for!

Increase trust in your brand with a professionally produced video that explains to your customers what you are all about.

A “Who We Are” video allows you to:

Give your customers a vision of your business that they can connect with
Showcase your Unique Selling Proposition
Communicate your values
Display experience and certifications
When you purchase the Courtland Creative “Who We Are” business video package, our professionals will work with you every step of the way, from scripting and storyboarding to filming and editing, to ensure that the finished video presents your business in an exciting and compelling light.

The “Who We Are” video package puts a face to your brand’s name, bolstering your credibility and strengthening the trust-factor with your active or potential customers!

What you get:

     Total of 6 videos

1 primary video
1 alternate edit
4 optimized edits based on placement and use (FB ads, YT ads, FB story, etc.)

     Scripting and storyboarding for primary video up to 2 edits each

     Filming at up to 2 locations

     Up to 4 minutes of professional voice-over

     Up to 6 hours of on location filming

     Up to 60 hours of editing

     Up to 6 hours of logistical management and coordination

     (Optional) 3 hours of drone filming and/or photography
     (Optional) 4 hours of on-screen talent (up to 4 actors, 1 hour each)
Video length: Up to 90 seconds per video.
Turnaround time: Depending on the talent and location booking, approximately 10 business days.

Our “Who We Are” Videos in the Wild

These could be your videos.

Perfect for brands who:

• Are looking to create a deeper connection with their customers

• Place great importance on their mission or USP

• Are overhauling their brand identity

• Are looking for a way to increase brand trust and loyalty


How it works:

With the “Who We Are” video package, we will plan everything with you from start to finish to create a video that showcases your unique brand!

We are with you every step of the way, from scripting, to storyboarding, filming, editing, voice-over, and more! Throughout the entire process you will be working with professionals who will ensure that together we create a video that best portrays your brand, and meets your goals!